Often when looking over my husband's supplies for shellfish farming I would think to myself..."I could use that in my garden!" and I often did sneak items away. 

Items like net for covering the  strawberry patch , black plastic screen to place over seeded areas to keep warm, moist and away from scratching robins,  and rebar "candy canes" to hold soaker hoses in place. 

At times pondered "I could add to the business with these random items" but as I am an artist (painter), that always took precedence. 

Until Covid 19 that is....

The items I have listed are things that I have used and found handy. 

I have to admit, I am not a master gardener, but more of a creative thinker. 

I am not a die hard organic gardener, I do use black plastic, but what I can say is that the items I have utilized over the years are still in use.  The black is a good color for UV resistance. If I can use it over and over again I am happy.  

Below are a few of the items I have selected for garden use. 


 Orders from this garden page are by arranged pick up in Bowser.  We are focused locally on Vancouver Island. 

Keep checking...more items to come....


This particular netting was purchased for clam beaches but is perfect for garden protection.  Stronger than most netting available it would work great for keeping deer at bay as well as birds away your berries, chickens etc... Long lasting with good UV resistance. 




15'x50' with approx 2 cm (7/8 ") openings. 

Double roped  on all sides.   

$100 per roll tax included

inquire via email 


Black screen

This durable black plastic screen can be used for multiple purposes.  the screen can be used for small garden protection, around the base of nursery trees to stop your pets from scratching or chewing on them. (I know this) 

Some people are using the screen in their chicken pens.  

I have used a similar screen along the bottom of my vegetable garden fence to stop tiny baby bunnies in the spring from getting in.  Set about 18" high along the fence, attached with cable ties. It stopped them in their tracks. 



Marked down to sell out price:

The polypropylene black screen measures

41.5" x 164'.

5/8" wide openings.

 long lasting and reusable

med heavy strength

$100 each taxes included

Heavy duty work gloves

   I was tired of tweezing thorns  out from my fingers, you know, the ones that always seem to work their way through gardening gloves, so I dug into the stock of "Oyster Work gloves" and pulled out the smallest size.  

No problems with blackberry thorns anymore. The gloves do limit your dexterity somewhat but are the ones I dig out to use for those "prickly" jobs. 

The gloves come in 3 sizes, 8, 9 and 10 (small medium and large) 

and are flock lined with a canvas cuff. 

$2.50 per pair