About Us....

Mark James, previously a commercial fisherman,  has 20+ years of shellfish aquaculture experience as Summer Breeze Aquaculture in the Baynes Sound area of Vancouver Island.  Back in 2000 Mark and his late business partner had decided to order in a few items for SBA and began to sell much needed supplies to the local growers as well as themselves.  That product list has grown over the years and continues now on under the ownership of Mark and his wife Cindy. 

The couple takes pride in providing personal friendly service, offering “business hours with the tides”, knowing full well that the shellfish industry does not follow a regular 9-5 schedule.  Mark is always generous with his advice and knowledge he acquired having run the sizeable and successful farm for years.  He has now semi-retired from the water, (with the exception of sport fishing of course!)  but is still working to provide a much needed service for the hard working growers.  The business also ships to the USA.


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